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The Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies

Feb 13, 2012

Speakers: Rabbi Jules Harlow, served on the staff of the Rabbinical Assembly, most notably as Director of Publications, where he specialized in editing and translating the liturgy

Navah Harlow, founding director of the Center for Ethics in Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

Location: B'nai Israel Congregation; Rockville, MD

The lecture begins with an overview of the Inquisition as it affected Jews in Portugal, within an historical context. The Harlows present their experiences in teaching and meeting with b'nei anousim (descendants of Jews who were forcibly baptized centuries ago), the process of preparing them for coming before the Masorti Beit Din (religious court) in London for examination, and their acceptance as converts according to the requirements of Jewish law. The presentation includes details from the lives and family histories of those whom the Harlows have taught.

In memory of Renee and Frank Schick - Endowed by the Schick Family